Oh, the places I’ve been

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I’m feeling a bit aimless today and I somehow found myself in the spare bedroom updating our travel map. What is the travel map? I’m so glad you asked!

Basically it’s a big wall map that we use to mark where we’ve been. Places that Jason has been to get blue pins, places I have been to get red pins and the places where we’ve both been get black. There are a few rules (there must be an actual place on the map to get a pin, it has to be somewhere you’ve been, not just an airport you’ve stopped over at, etc) and we break these rules regularly. I say, if it feels like you’ve been there, then it gets a pin.

It was Jason’s idea originally and I love it. It’s always fun to come home after a holiday and update the map (especially when I get to replace his blue pins with black ones).

This idea was actually posted on Apartment Therapy a while back, so you know it’s cool.


It’s a different world at 6 in the morning

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The last few days have been wonderful and exhilarating and eye-opening. I am currently too tired to really sort and edit all the photos I’ve taken, so I’ll just leave you with these two.

THIS. This is what you get to see if you venture to the middle of Java and get up for a 6am hike. Who knew?

Home Again

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Since I haven’t bothered to update this poor blog in almost two months, you might not even know that I’ve been in Canada for the past few weeks. But I have. I went and it was amazing. And then I came home and (a bit surprisingly) it felt really great to be back.

Except for the jetlag. Jetlag is such a mofo. But then I’ve been up since 3 am and I’ve managed to watch the last four episodes of the most recent season of One Tree Hill (kill me now), make pizza dough and prepare two loaves of bread.

The early mornings have also allowed me to witness the sunrise. I don’t know if the current sunrise is due to an increase in smog or not since I’m not usually up at dawn. But whatever is going on out there, it’s pretty. And I’m glad I got to check it out before I settle back into my usual lazy routine.

what to write when you’re writing about nothing

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Oh God, I’ve been so slack lately. I know, I know. I hit the post-Canberra slump and it just felt like there was nothing to write about. I mean, I’ve had a few ideas like a list of the handbags that I currently lust after (there are so many lust-worthy bags at the moment) and what my five year plan might look like if I could actually plan for the next five years (my new friend claims that you need a five year plan in order to ever succeed, but I wouldn’t know where to begin. But isn’t that the problem and exactly why I should have a plan?). Do YOU have a five year plan?

I’ve also been sick for the past week. Yes, it’s another post about my guts. You’re welcome. So what does one do when one can not leave the house for 5 days? One watches more Brothers & Sisters than you would have ever thought possible. One finally edits and posts all of her photos from her grand finale trip around Australia. One drafts up four possible itineraries for the three weeks that one intends to spend in London and Spain later this year.

So many trips to look forward to, right? This is going to be such a busy year. So what if I had to mark my employment status as housewife on a recent immigration card, I’m making plans, I’m going places.

For the record, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a housewife. It’s just not necessarily a job title that I was hoping to claim. Especially since I don’t actually do anything to care for our house since we have a maid to do that. I think on the housewife spectrum, I’m on the Eva Longoria end and she was sleeping with a Passions cast-off and no, just no. I need a new title. But I don’t actually have to get a job, do I? Can’t I just use the job title that I will claim in a few years as per my five year plan?

This is rambly. I spent the better part of four hours this morning trying to get Lightroom to export my photos directly into WordPress in a manner that I deemed acceptable. It was not successful. It made my brain hurt. Doesn’t technology sometimes feel like it’s already beyond your grasp? I don’t understand how WordPress works at all. When I was 15 I built an HTML site for my make-believe band, but I can’t figure out this blog.

Here is a photo that I posted on Facebook today. It was taken the in in Adelaide in the wee hours of the last day of our roadtrip. The reflective surface is apparently a sculpture that is locally referred to as Malls Balls (no, really – google it). I can’t look at this without cracking up, even though I have no memory of the picture actually being taken.


I had to post this photo the regular old way, not directly from Lightroom because I can’t figure it the eff out. In light of this I have decided to learn to create my own WordPress blog from the ground up. I’ve asked my super smartypants friend for advice and he has sent me on my way, into the unknown. I hope you’ll all be here for the unveiling in a few years once I figure this shit out. How’s that for a five year plan?

Post-Canberra Blues (and a wedding!)

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A couple of weeks ago I was on a roll. I had so much to say and the energy to say it. Then I went to Canberra and I hit a wall. I’ve been back for two weeks now and I feel like I have nothing to say.

Canberra was great. It’s such a fun place to visit when you have friends there. I don’t know what it would be like if you didn’t know anyone. We went out for some fantastic meals (and I ate a lot of rabbit. Sweet, delicious rabbit), drank way too much and even went to the casino (ugh). And most importantly, we attended a wedding.

It was a perfect wedding. There was lots of laughter and tears (ahem) and good food and wine. I’ve actually been to very few weddings and sometimes I forget just how amazing it is to watch two people publicly declare their love for each other.

A groom waiting nervously is never not adorable.

I think this kissing photo is my favourite from the wedding.

The best part was that I got to celebrate this day with some of my favourite Canberrans. I am so glad that we were able to make the trip back for this wedding.

But then there was the post-Canberra slump. I hate even admitting to that. Canberra really didn’t feel like home, but Jakarta doesn’t yet either. Now I’ve got three weeks to get my mind in order before I go to Canada for the better part of a month. Hopefully our things will arrive shortly (please, movers, hear my cries) and we can settle in proper.

Distance makes the heart something something

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We are headed back to Canberra this weekend for a wedding. It is the wedding of a very good friend and lots of my favourite people are going to be there. I seriously cannot wait. I can’t wait to see my friends and go to one of my favourite Canberra restaurants and bask in the pleasantness of familiarity.

If you had told me three years ago that I would ever miss Canberra, I would have told you that was insane. Funny how times change.

Best Thing. Ever: British Lollies

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Growing up with two English grannies has its perks. Sure I had to eat my vegetables boiled into oblivion and my entire family has been taught to repress every emotion and not talk about what  we’re feeling ever. But I also learned at a young age to appreciate an afternoon cup of tea, to pronounce mum properly, and that Britain makes the greatest lollies in the world. Candy is a word that doesn’t do justice to the deliciousness that is a proper British sweet. No, these are lollies. And they’re perfect.

When I lived in the UK I was not allowed to return home without at least one bag of humbugs from Marks and Spencer. If you’ve never had a humbug, they are basically a super chewy toffee wrapped in a hard, minty shell. In other words, they will make your teeth cry. And my octogenarian Granny thinks that they are the bees’ knees.

My own personal vice is the floral gum. My Nana kept a jar of these by her record player and I remember begging her for just one more handful. I must have been the only seven-year old who thought that a soap flavoured candy was the nicest treat in the world. I (seriously) love the way that they get stuck right in my teeth.

They were harder to track down in London than I expected. I can’t even list the number of lolly shops that I left empty-handed and disappointed. It turns out that their popularity has declined sharply over the years (go figure) and most mainstream shops just don’t carry them. There was one small shop in Greenwich where I could find them and I was always sure to buy a couple hundred grams whenever I was in the area. Full disclosure – a couple hundred grams would last me maybe an afternoon. Maybe. No judgement.

Luckily there is a website that will satisfy all of your British lolly cravings. AND Sweet Junkie delivers their goodness all over the world. I’d suggest you start by loading the cart with floral gums and then see what takes your fancy from there. My own box contained aniseed balls, liquorice whirls, sherbert limes and flying saucers. And although most people would agree that my love of floral gums is flat-out DISGUSTING, I will argue that there is the perfect British lolly out there for every palate. Two English grannies couldn’t be wrong.