Back from Europe

I’ve actually been back for a week now and the trip already feels like a million years ago. Except, I am knee-deep in photos ( AND jetlag. So much jetlag to keep the trip fresh.

Until I get through the 600-odd photos (mostly of food), I’ll stick these little bits in. Exciting, right?

First, there was London.

And there was an INSANE meal at the Fat Duck.

That little red and white picnic blanket? It’s made from chocolate. This desert was probably the best course. Probably. It’s hard to pick one favourite from fourteen.

Then it was off to Spain. Seville, Granada, Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian, to be exact. Spain was AMAZING. Sunshine and wine and as much ham as you could possibly eat.

If you’re lucky I will one day post photos of some of the ham we ate, but for the time being even the photos turn my stomach a bit. Ugh. At least I have returned to the right country if I want to live pork-free.


~ by Jenny-la on 21 September 2011.

One Response to “Back from Europe”

  1. Looks amazing! I love Spain. That’s the problem with travel. You go to a place and fall in love with it, and go back and back and back. There are so many new places but I’m desperate to go back to the old! Post more photos – that might help. Maybe..

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