Cribs Update

When I first showed photos of our apartment I complained that it looked a bit too much like a hotel room. Well, six months in I am pleased to report that it feels like home. A really nice home, actually. Our things arrived from Australia, we bought some furniture and we’re done. For now.

This is my study where I spend all of my time. Really, if I am home I am probably in this room. I’ve never had my own study before, it’s very very great.

When I pry my eyes away from the computer, this is what I see. See that limited edition Sloan poster? I LOVE IT.

Words cannot describe how happy I was to be reunited with our sofa. Sofa, I missed you! The provided sofa was awful and uncomfortable and I was happy to see it gone. We had the CD consoles (it’s actually two pieces) made by a locally based French man.

Books! Our books are here! Some seem to be missing, though. That’s the problem when you move a lot, I suppose. So if you have my copies of Tender Is the Night, A Moveable Feast or Wild Sheep Chase, could you let me know?

The outdoor furniture was an inspired buy. The chairs aren’t actually for the outdoors, and they’ll definitely show their wear, but they are so comfortable. It’s such a great nook for reading with a Gin and Tonic in hand.

The table is made from reclaimed teak. I love the look of the wood. This table isn’t really made for outdoor use either, but it’s holding up well.

These three pieces were put here by the movers, but it actually works.

For the bathroom I needed a spot to put the radio. The guy who made the CD consoles also made this little table. His specialty is actually Art-Deco style furniture and so that’s what we went with for this table. It’s far too nice a piece to stick in the corner of a bathroom, but I love it here.

I am pretty pleased with how it all came together. It’s nice to have a space that I am comfortable in, especially when I spend so much time at home.


~ by Jenny-la on 23 June 2011.

3 Responses to “Cribs Update”

  1. Looking lovely Jenny! Love your little radio – any chance you could send me the details of who makes it? O xx

  2. Looks amazing! Love the outdoor furniture, and pretty much everything else!

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