Shopping Bandung

As if last week wasn’t busy enough, we went to Bandung on Sunday night. As a very loose description, it was for Jason’s work. There was a big dinner. I ate a lot of delicious Indonesian food, despite a disasterous attempt to make my own soto ayam.

There was also some karaoke, but we didn’t have to perform. Jason’s colleague did, though! This was very brave for two reasons: 1. the dinner was extremely sober; 2. the other people that sang were GOOD. Like, practice every night, have a private voice coach good.

We were in Bandung for about 20 hours and this included a good few hours in traffic just trying to get around the city. Want to know where Jakartans go on weekends? Bandung. It was ridic.

Why do Jakartans go to Bandung? For the shopping. See, Bandung is the home of factory outlets. Apparently there are around 40 factory outlets across the city, but we only checked out a few. The result? There are some fantastic deals to be had, but you also have to dig through a lot of crap.

There are lots of recognisable brands like GAP, Banana Republic, Abercrombie and Fitch. There are also lots of cheap designer knock-offs. For example, in one of the shops they had an entire table of icky feeling “Burberry” trenchcoats. Luckily it’s not hard to recognise a fake. For example, there was a pile of red and orange patterned polyester blouses with a Chloe label haphazardly stiched in. Why do they do that?

The main positive was that unlike outlet stores in Canada and Australia, the prices here were really really discounted. I didn’t buy much, but I also didn’t spend more than a few dollars on any one item (except for a Betsey Johnson blazer, but even that was only $30).

So friends, if you come visit and you want to get in some cheap shopping, I know just the place!


~ by Jenny-la on 16 June 2011.

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