Hiking in Sentul

I need to get this out of the way first – I am not a hiker. In fact, I think that the three hikes I took last week were probably the first hikes I had done in maybe five years? Maybe more? It turns out, hiking is a lot like walking. Just with daggier outfits. Sorry hikers, it’s true. However, the chance to get outside of Jakarta was an opportunity I was not about to pass up. Even though it meant a 6:30 am departure the day after our 6 am waterfall hike.

The hike took place about an hour and a half from Jakarta in an area called Sentul. The scenery was incredible. Before this, I had only ever seen photos of rice paddies and these were mostly from Bali. I honestly had no idea that Java was so picturesque. And this was so close to Jakarta! The area that we walked around was a million miles away from the city I currently call home. We’re talking villages without road access. It was eye-opening, to say the least.

Do you remember my last post when I warned you that it would be photo-heavy? This post has many many more photos. The things I saw! Culling would be impossible. Brace yourself.

Our group of three had two guides. They were local to the area and so knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Even if they did lead us across some scary little bridges.

I realise the photo isn’t clear, but this is a homemade hydro plant that the village uses for its power.

The ants use the power lines to get around. Clever ants!

This is coffee beans drying out in the sun. We saw this in a number of the villages we visited.

Rice paddies.

I find the tier system for rice paddies pretty clever. When you see how naturally wet this part of the world is and how conducive this is to growing rice  you realise how ridiculous it is when arid countries decide to grow rice *cough*Australia*cough*.


This was a particularly rickety bridge.

I saw two spiders on the hike. Apparently they are not poisonous. As if that makes them any less terrifying!

This was a brand new mosque on the edge of one of the villages. The juxtaposition of this brand new, gleaming building against the rural background was pretty striking.

This is tapioca! You know those little pearls that come in pudding? It comes from cassava root and this is it out drying in the sun.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this vista.

Harvesting. I can’t even describe how labourious this looked. Just keep in mind that it’s about 35 degrees and extremely humid.


This is our guide demonstrating that cassava root is edible. Also, see that white marking on his arm? He did that by smacking a leaf against his arm. Seriously, they showed us so much interesting flora.

Man, I love goats.

I love goats so much the guide had me pose with this fellow. They wanted me to hold him, but I didn’t think that was in the best interest of the goat.

We came across these kids right at the end of our hike. We had been walking for approximately three hours in sweltering heat and the river looked incredibly inviting. However, we didn’t think the kids were quite ready to share their water with a group of bules.

I love the modesty of the little guy in the corner. So cute!

And we made it to the end! Not only that, it was enough that I want to go again! I’ll try to take less photos next time, but I make no promises.


~ by Jenny-la on 15 June 2011.

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  1. I don’t disagree with this post.

  2. May i know where is the area exactly? I have a plan to held a trekking activity with friends in the near future. Thanks.

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