My Birthday Wishlist

In case you didn’t know, I am going to be 30 in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I am so excited, I can barely contain myself. Normally I’d be reminding my friends daily about the impending day, but since I am currently friendless in a foreign country, I’ll just write about it here. And remind Jason at least four times a day. He loves that.

We are planning a pre-birthday Saturday night of cocktails here and a morning/afternoon of boozy brunch. Maybe the martini brunch at the Ritz? I have to make the most of a Sunday birthday.

Obviously, at the very top of my wishlist would be the special delivery of my friends. A few from Canada, a few from Australia. Everyone in the same place to celebrate ME. But since that’s too much to ask, I’ll give you my dream birthday wishlist. In no particular order. Except the Chanel is number one. Of course.

  1. Chanel classic flap – This is THE bag. I have wanted this bag so badly for so long that I would probably implode if I actually received it. Jason has already said, don’t think for a second you’re getting that bag, so we’re probably safe for another year. But. Love. Sigh. Owning this bag is actually on my list of life goals. True story.
  2. Canon 24-70mm lens – I prefer prime lenses in general, but for the sake of convenience it would be nice to have a decent zoom lens with a good range. I travel a lot and lugging around multiple lenses isn’t always practical. This guy is really heavy, but I think he’s worth it.
  3. Hermes scarf – Once upon a time I made up a hilarious joke and I couldn’t stop repeating it to my friends. It involved possums pretending to be ducks and ohmyword, it was funny. However, Jason quickly tired of this joke (jealous!) and swore that if I never told it again he would buy me an Hermes scarf. It’s true, there were witnesses! I stopped telling the joke, but no scarf ever came my way. Bullshit, amiright? This scarf shouldn’t count as a birthday present, but I would accept it as one. This one is called “le monde est vast” and is that not the most appropriate thing you’ve ever heard?
  4. A new computer – Although it pains me to admit this, my old MacBook is getting on in years. I bought it in 2006 and it has served me so well, but it’s getting clunky and it runs so hot. I think that time has almost come for an upgrade. I never thought that I would go back to a desktop, but with my iPhone and the iPad, I just don’t need a laptop anymore. I like the idea of having a dedicated space for my computer where I can go to do my serious works.
  5. A pair of Lanvin flats – Not very exciting, but they would make my feet terribly happy. Especially now that these poor old feet are going to be 30. I am a lover and connoisseur of flats and apparently Lanvin’s are the bee’s knees. Say no more.

Of course, in lieu of presents I will take emails, phone calls, well wishes and cards. AND, if anyone wants to come visit, that would be alright as well! I’ll share my cake!


~ by Jenny-la on 14 February 2011.

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