The Jakarta Diaries: Cribs

I feel like there is so much that I want to write about that I don’t even know where to begin. So instead, I’ll post photos. Ahh photos, they say so much with so little effort on my part.

So without further ado, this is where I live! Please try to ignore the hoteliness. Hopefully this will be remedied once our things arrive.

This is where we sleep. Two things that I swore I never wanted: a king-size bed and a TV in the bedroom. I was so, so wrong. Check out Pasty kicking back in the big bed, maybe contemplating watching a DVD.

If you come visit (and I really think you should), this is where you will sleep:

Hopefully by the time we have guests Annyong won’t still be hiding out the in the guest bathroom ALL day EVERY day, but I promise nothing.

My favourite part of this apartment has to be the walk-in wardrobe/vanity area thingy. It’s just…great. This space is bigger than my entire bedroom in London. Clearly, I have arrived.

Ooh, so much space.

You know what else I love about this apartment? Rain showers. Four of the Five (5!) bathrooms have rain showers.

And check out this bathtub! This is the kind of tubs that dreams are made of, am I right?

The living room is nice and big, but the furniture isn’t quite working for me. Hopefully once our own stuff arrives we’ll be able to fix it up a bit.

This is the study where we do very productive things (like write this post!):

And finally, the kitchen. This is a very nice, extremely spacious and functional kitchen that we use for whipping up gourmet feasts such as toast with peanut butter (me) and toast with Vegemite (him). Hopefully we will use this kitchen more in the future. It deserves much better.

Any questions?


~ by Jenny-la on 11 February 2011.

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