Decisions were made

This morning I sat down with my boss and told her that I’d be finishing up in December. She was so good and excited for me and positive. I was a trembling pile of nerves. But seriously, it went as well as could be expected. Definitely better than the scenario in my head where I burst into tears.

Her questions made me own up to a bunch of things that I’ve been feeling, but not saying. Yes, I am so excited. Yes, it’s an amazing opportunity. Yes, I am shit scared. I don’t know what Jakarta is going to be like. I don’t know what I am going to do next. I really don’t want to turn my back on the career I’ve been developing over the past two years and it looks like I won’t have to. Of course I want to take advantage of the opportunities that this new city will provide, but I also need to be realistic what my employment opportunities are going to look like. First and foremost, I don’t speak the language. If my current job will keep me on for freelance work (and after today’s discussion it looks like they will) then I’ll take it.

Anyways, we’ll see. Career plans to date fall under a big fat I DON’T KNOW. I’ve made some contacts who might be able to point me in the right direction, so there is hope. I’m not too worried about it yet. Worried about most everything else, but not this.

We are going to Jakarta for a week at the end of November to check things out. Well, Jason is going there for meetings, I am going there to hang out. Jason says that I can spend my days shopping (Zara, Forever 21, Harvey Nichols) or at the Four Seasons spa. He seems to think that can just buy my love for Jakarta. Ahh, he knows me so well!

I’m going to go meet my friend tonight for a debrief and a desober. I’m on my way to unemployment, she’s turning 29. It’s time to celebrate!


~ by Jenny-la on 14 October 2010.

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