Decent or Indecent: the Work Edition

I’ve been back at work for a full two weeks now, so I think it’s fair to judge. Overall my work is a major decent. However, there are a few indecencies. There always are, right?

But first, a positive!

  • Pregnant colleague is now ex-pregnant ex-colleague. Major decent. She came in one day with the new baby and I wanted to punch her a little. Luckily she was holding a cute baby so I couldn’t.
  • Coming back after a holiday is ROUGH. It’s been such a struggle to get my brain back into things and we’re under-resourced as always so more and more keeps coming across my desk. Indecent.
  • One of the schools that I manage is on a mountain away from campus. To help them feel less isolated I’m now sitting up there one day a week. Getting to sit in another office one day a week, especially one with an amazing view and hoppity kangaroos? Decent. Feeling like I’ve got a new job due to all of the staff members that I don’t know? Much less decent. I don’t do so well with new faces. As in I can’t remember new names to save my life.
  • They’re sending me to Perth for a conference next month! Decent!
  • But the budgeting process is really bizarre. I’m still not sure how it’s going to work. Why can’t they just give us a travel allowance? Indecent.
  • However, the new office. It’s super nice. It looks like this:

~ by Jenny-la on 13 August 2010.

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